Aims & Objectives:


Aims: - To promote to the general public through teaching and

demonstration the understanding and simplicity of Spiritual Healing,

and the Divine law.



Objectives: - To offer to the general public the opportunity to

experience through experienced healers the simplicity of

Spiritual Healing.



Objectives:- To offer for the benefit of the health of the general public

the opportunity of experiencing other complementary practises

through certified practitioners.




Summary: - Let all be done in truth, love and simplicity.



Healing Aims:-  To promote, to facilitate and to teach the simple truth

of Spiritual Healing.  To facilitate and assist in the setting up of associated

Spiritual Healing centres and to encourage others to do likewise, in a way

that is both accessible and affordable to all.



Healing Objectives:- To provide the information, support and training for those who wish to learn and to guide those who wish to help others understand the simplicity of Spiritual Healing.  To ensure that all members are trained to the highest possible

standards in the simple loving act of Spiritual Healing.