The Fellowship provides the services of Spiritual Healing to all those who are suffering and in need, without the distinction of race colour or creed.


The fundamental consideration in all Spiritual Healing practises shall be the total welfare of the patient. All members when dealing with their patients, the general public, or medical and health professionals adopt a code of total confidentiality.


The registered medical practitioner of a patient is the only legally responsible person for the welfare of that patient.


Members will not under any circumstances, attempt to countermand or advise against any treatment, medication or advice given to a patient by a medical practitioner.


The CSHF follows a moral code of conduct, always accepting the laws of the land while actively promoting the health benefits that can be achieved through spiritual healing to the general public.




The activities of the CSHF shall be principally directed towards the achievement of the Aims & Objectives as set out in articles 1 & 2 of the constitution.


The CSHF will provide opportunities for the general public to hear of and receive Spiritual Healing and complementary practises.


To seek to maintain and improve the standards and understanding of the simplicity of Spiritual Healing practises.


To encourage the establishment of healing clinics offering Spiritual Healing and complementary practises to the general public.


To provide continual on going training in CSHF healing practises. To ensure that all members are familiar with government legislation relating to those healing practises.


To promote a spirit of camaraderie between all CSHF members through social and follow up seminars.