The Aim of Spiritual Healing:


The aim of Spiritual Healing is to restore balance to the body, mind and Spirit. It is a holistic approach that aims for the healing of the whole person. It should always be remembered that healing treatment is a complementary medicine and not an alternative.


As Spiritual Healing is holistic it makes sense then that orthodox medicine or other complementary treatments may also be needed, whether for the body or the mind, to complement each other and to enhance the complete healing process. Healing can work for anyone, no matter what their faith or following, even if there is no belief in a religion, a Divine source or even healing.


We always encourage patients to have an open mind, as they may actually feel the benefits more. Healing can help with any form of ailment whether to relieve the stress of everyday life, to bring relief to someone who in great pain, or to assist with the natural healing process of a specific illness or an injury, while it will bring a sense of peace and calmness to someone preparing to leave this world. Illness or disease is created through an imbalance of the mind, body or spirit.


If the underlying cause is stress, negative thinking or unresolved emotional or mental pain or conflict that is being held inside it can then create a physical condition. Stress or negative thinking can be caused by a physical condition that then creates difficulties in everyday life. The mind too can create illness for a variety of reasons, the power of thought is extremely creative.


A healer should be aware of the natural law of cause and effect. While we know that suffering is not a punishment, it may be that the person concerned is going through a certain experience in order to enhance their own understanding or spiritual growth. If we follow this line of reasoning it can then go someway to explaining why the healing will work in some instances but not others.


This is also why healers never profess to be able to cure any condition, whatever reason or circumstance for illness, healing will always be beneficial, there remains many documented accounts of full recovery and the miraculous healing of various physical conditions from all parts of the world. For the healers involved though, this is an outstanding experience. it must also be appreciated that these examples are simply Divine Law at work.