The Spiritual Healer:


Healers come from many different walks of life they are neither privileged nor special people because of their abilities, they are simple down to earth people who are living a perfectly ordinary life, going through the same experiences as everyone else.


Those who work in this way have chosen to develop their own potential as an instrument or a channel for the healing energy to flow through them to those in need. Developing this ability and potential for healing takes time as it requires constant practice before you can gain the necessary experience, it is a continual process of learning and understanding.


It is important for the healer to understand the responsibility of this work. To succeed as a healer will not only require a sincere and heartfelt caring, but a compassionate desire to be of service while a strong sense of commitment and dedication to the work is essential.


As healers we would never consider trying to force our own religious beliefs on to any patient, rather if we develop a gentle flexible approach to all Spiritual and religious beliefs with due consideration for another person’s views on the source of the healing energy. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be willing to share those beliefs should we be asked to by a patient.


Distant or Absent Healing:

Distant or absent healing is used when the healer is unable to attend the patient physically. Recognising that all healing is vibrational energy and that thought is energy. Distant healing will use the power of thought, prayer or visualisation techniques to transfer healing energy to a patient, assisted by the guides and helpers from Spirit.


Healing can be administered to someone as far away as the other side of the world. It is no less effective for being channelled in this manner. Whether a healer chooses to work alone or in a group is individual preference.


Remember that this is healing and where matters of the Spirit are concerned there are no limitations. The guides and helpers who work with us do not have the restraint of a physical body.


For a healer just beginning to unfold their healing ability, it is a good way of providing practice in meditation, visualisation, attunement, discipline and also commitment. It is always beneficial to monitor the effects of the healing, both for the patient and the healer.


When we keep a confidential note of patients problems with up to date information of any changes that are happening. For both the patient and healer this will then show the areas of improvement.