What is Spiritual Healing:


Spiritual Healing can best be described as an energy flow created from a Divine source, while most people have their own individual ideas or thoughts as to how they perceive this source. Ideas, which may have been influenced by their parents, family religion, the community in which they grew up, religious choices in adulthood or even from their own experience of healing treatment.


Some people of course have no thoughts or religious beliefs whatsoever, but despite this there is a common thread amongst the majority of people, that of a belief in a Divine source which has created all things. Whatever we call this source really does not matter, if we perceive this Divine source as the creator of all life, we must also recognise that this energy will be found within the world of nature.


Most of us are aware of the healing properties that are held in all elements of the natural world. Wherever as an individual we understand that healing energy to come from, in reality it all begins with the one source. It is a perfectly natural process, a natural flow of Divine energy, channelled through a healer to bring positive changes to a patient. which can in its turn promote healing within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the patient.


Healing can certainly be traced back to the tribal races of the world where a priest or priestess, would use herbs and plants as well as calling on the “spirits”. The Bible speaks of the countless examples of healing being administered by Jesus and his disciples.


Healing treatment can be given to a patient either by the laying on of hands method or through what is usually termed distant healing, that is, the sending of healing to a patient who is not present by using the power of thought or prayer.



The Healing treatment that is provided by our members at CSHF clinics is by the laying on of hands method, as detailed and described in the CSHF training manual.